The Objectionable Verses of Jihad

Author: Allama Badruddoja Razwi Misbahi & Seraj Ahmad Misbahi (Translator)

Tags: Seraj Ahmad Misbahi

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Jihad: It is derived from juhd which is used for many meanings such as: hardship, extreme, capacity, strength, extreme effort. The rule is that the derived word has the meaning and denotation of the source of derivation. Therefore, in the literal meaning of jihad, all these meanings will be considered. In the Shari'ah, the striving with hardship for the promotion and upliftment of the true religion is "Jihad", which has many forms.
For Example, we can do jihad with our tongues, we can do it with our money, we can do it with our pens, we can do it with our knowledge and we can do it by risking our lives when it needed. In Shariah, jihad is not just about killing and fighting, as people like Wasim Rizvi used to disperse the minds of the native brothers and arouse the non-Islamic world against the religion of Islam.

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