Invite friends

The idea behind Boocshare is to share your print books with friends and family. So after creating or joining a group and adding your books, the next step is to invite some friends to share books with. The button to invite friends is found on the “my groups” as well as on the main dropdown menu.

There are 4 main ways to invite people to your group.

The first method is to use the “invite friends” form as shown below. The message is editable so you can customise it to make it more appealing to the people you want to invite. Your name and signature are added automatically.

Boocshare form to invite a friend

The second method to invite people to your group is to import a list of people from a csv file using the form show below.

Boocshare form to import friends from a csv file

The third method is to make your group public and allow people to request invitations as shown below. You then share the public group address with the people that you want to join your group. They have to click on the “Request invitation” button to get an invitation.



When using this method the group owner can decide who to approve and allow to join the group.   When someone requests an invitation to a group, the group owner will receive an email notification and two buttons (to accept or reject the request) will appear on the home page.


The fourth method is to make the open so that anyone can join without the need to be approved by the group owner as shown below.


Remember that this button will only be visible if the group is public and users can request invitations to the group.

Although this method makes life easier for the group owner (admin), it also means the group owner will no longer be able to control who can join. This is the ideal method for busy group owners as well as for those who want their groups to grow faster.


If you need to resend an invitation to someone you can find the “resend” button on the “invitations sent” page found which is on the main dropdown menu. You will also find people who have accepted your invitation marked with a green tick on the “invitations sent” page as shown below.

Boocshare invitation sent page information

Do not forget to remind your friends to add their own books to the group.